Stefan Candea / 2015-07-27

During 2014 and 2015 Sponge has organized meet-up''s between tech and non-tech professionals, focused on journalism and transparency, following a format problem-sollution.

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Journalists, activists and legal experts have presented ongoing projects in search of a tech solutions and coders participated with ideas to solve their problems. Techies show cased various tools and projects they work on and some where adopted by journalists or activists. Out of these interractions spined-off tools for information and advocacy campaigns.

Our tools are centralized under the Projects page of this site. The tools listed there are under various phases of development and some are already in use, but all are Free Software Open Source licensed and awaiting for contributions.

Sponge tools cover three major needs:

- communication and organization needs for any interdisciplinary group with little or no tech skills

- gathering and analyzing information

- direct electronic interaction between citizens and authorities.

Sponge tools serve to make the interdisciplinary collaboration easier. Second, we build tools that can gather information by way of automatic monitoring of public administration. By way of building tools and platforms we aim at solving a major problem: investigative media is approaching global knowledge and problems almost exclusively through major LEAKS.

Such LEAKS are usually major databases build by governments and companies. Even if such LEAKS are very useful and instructive, they represent just a very narrow view on the world, usually that of a government or a company. Such LEAKS end up in the public sphere mediated by journalists or activists, usually by the same actors.

By creating tools such as those listed under Projects, Sponge wants to solve the lack of access to relevant and verifiable information in the public domain and shape a model to identify needs that are not observed by corporate and government or the news industry. 

A summary of tools including description, demo and source code you will under the Projects page.