EdgeRyders.eu and Calup.ro, collaborative projects presented at The Sponge
Lucian Rotaru / 2015-07-13

Last week, we had two special guests at The Sponge meeting, Noemi Salantiu from EdgeRyders.eu and Konrad Mihat from Calup.ro.

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Noemi Salantiu talked about EdgeRyders and the people that interact on this online platform. 

"Edgeryders is a diverse group of people from over 30 countries and from all walks of life. They, or we, care about global and local problems. There is a catch though: individuals can’t solve systemic problems on their own. Many build small projects with limited resources, and undertaking considerable amounts of risk. So we need a different scale at which to talk about these problems, a system of peer support across borders and ideologies. This scale is the Internet, with all the opportunities and connectivity it provides. So we make it easier for these people to meet and interact, on Edgeryders.eu: our online home."

→ You can download Noemi's presentation from here: PDF or PPTX.

She also informed us about the #Futurespotters workshop that is taking place in Bucharest, on July 9th and 10th.

Konrad Mihat presented the project Calup.ro, which is in a beta version at this moment.

Do you have a project or an idea and you're looking for a space? Do you have a product or a service and you're interested in collaborating? Or do you have acces to a space in Bucharest or can provide information about unused spaces? Then you should check out the website and join the Calup community.

If you want to participate in our next public meetings, join our mailing list, write to us at contact (at) thesponge (dot) eu or check out our Facebook Page.


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