Adrian Mogoș / 2012-12-14

European Union is giving money as subsidies to its member states. Dozens of millions of euro are being sent to controversial businessmen, shady companies, unions, cricket clubs etc with almost no control from the European Commission over this money.

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I would like to take – as I have already the data base – all the main beneficiaries, those who got over 100,000 – 10,000,000 million euros. I would like to develop a platform where people could easily see the visual connection among the companies in Romania who received these funds.

Team leader:
Adrian Mogos (activist)

Team members
Alex Morega (coder)
Mihai Dinca (coder)
Laura Stefanut (journalist)

Free software license:
Open data license:
Online demo (offline now):
Source code (you can install your own demo):
Technologies used:
Python, Flask, Jinja