The Big We
Stefan Candea , Victor Nitu / 2014-11-15

Sponge contributed to the Berliner Gazette conference by creating a visualization tool showing the connections between participants at the conference, to show how little anonymity is possible online.  

Sponge a contribuit in timpul conferintei Berliner Gazette prin crearea unei unelte de vizualizare a conexiunilor dintre participantii la conferinta, pentru a demonstra cat de putina anonimitate este posibila pe internet.

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Berliner Gazette brings together experts in information technology and activists as well as philosophers concerned with analyzing the implications of the digital realm on democracy and human rights. Berliner Gazette conferences are a reference point in Europe. During the conference digital tools, concepts and advocacy campaigns are developed.

The conference site:

Demo of the tool:

Source Code:

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Berliner Gazette a adus impreuna experti in tehnologia informatiei si activisti si filozofi preocupati de implicatiile erei digitale asupra democratiei si drepturilor omului. Conferintele Berliner Gazette sunt un punct de referinta in Europa. In cadrul conferintei se dezvolta unelte digitale, concepte, campanii de advocacy.


Utilitatea uneltei este demonstrata aici:

Codul sursa este depozitat aici: