Dev Ops , Victor Nitu / 2015-11-26

The MatchMaker App allows members to access real time assignments (aka. jobs) and a big pool of resources (i.e. collaborators and industry information), pertaining to the field of investigative journalism.

O unealta care automatizeaza modul in care cel care cauta o informatie specifica ajunge la partenerul care o poate furniza. 

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Our match-making technology brings together people who need information and people who can get it, at the right time and at the right place. If you are looking for a particular skill for a collaborative project, MatchMaker has this also covered. 

Match is the first module developed within the Knowledge Exchange Platform, meant to enhance team collaboration by providing:

  • user submissions – either Resources or Assignments – that can be searched, matched with each other or consumed/taken by members
  • notifications system, both in browser and by email
  • profile pages with relevant information about users
  • guided workflows for taking assignments / using resources / match making

The module is developed following the API/client architecture, which will also power the rest of the KEP app.

The backend is built using Rails-API and it exposes a RESTful API with token authentication, while the frontend is an ember-cli app.


Source Code:


Are ca scop ocolirea canalelor clasice de cautat furnizori de informatie (grupuri de email, anunturi pe retele sociale) si de asistenta tehnica pentru cei care lucreaza colaborativ si interdisciplinar.

Descrierea utilitatii si a unui Road Map:  

Este o unealta integrata in Knowledge Exchange Platform, ca modul independent: