Map of arrests
Dev Ops / 2014-06-09

This is a compilation of two projects, Map of arrests (Belarus) and Repression vs. accountability (Romania)

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Map of arrests. We would like to create an application for Android/iOS which would permit the person arrested to inform his relatives by pressing one button, place his location at the arrest on the Ushahidi-based map. His relatives will be able to contribute with info on his arrest and trial details visualizing how many and which judges misuse their powers to send activists to prison + the stats on aggregated fines and sentences.  

Repression vs. accountability. The record and mapping of aggressions and abuses of state forces. The project aims at building up an online database which is to contain information about the employees of the gendarmerie, police and secret services who commit various abuses against civic activists: secretly filming the participants during protests; confinement; surveillance of activists outside manifestations; illegal sanctions against protesters; acts of intimidation against activists' families a.s.o.

Team Leader: Mihail Bumbes (activist)

Alaksiej Lavoncyk (activist)

Marius Bogdan Tudor (activist)

Free software license
Open data license n/a
Online demo  
Source code
Technologies used JavaScript, JQuery; Java, Android
Archive little-brother.tar.bz2