MediaWatch (Undeveloped)
Liana Ganea / 2014-11-08
This a compilation of two entries from Moldova (Media Owners) and Romania (Media Watch), mainly dealing with:
  • creating a curated database to collect ownership of media related infomation
  • creating an automated electronic archive of electronic media
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Team leader:
Sorin Ozon (journalist)

Team members
Stefan Voinea (activist)
Sergiu (coder)
Dan Voinea (coder)
Costinel Draculet (coder)
Vlad Odobescu (journalist)

we are open to ideas how to revise this project (valuable existing data-sets are available from and

part of this project was taken over by Active Watch (Liana Ganea, Maria Popa) and developed a Report ( and a Map with at

the project is ongoing (follow )