Marius was a PHD Student at Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest with the Thesis “Evolution of Sulina mouth, based on Bathymetrical Numeric Models”.

His main research topics include costal geomorphology, historical cartography and GIS. In fact, it is a very special mix of those three topics: integrates historical cartography data in GIS for a better understanding of costal processes in time and space. As a student, Marius obtained 6-month Erasmus scholarship at Université de Liège, Belgium, in the field of Coastal Geomorphology and Remote Sensing, under the direction of Professor André Ozer, PhD.

Since 2007 he is a member of, his collaborative activities include online writing on the topic of geomorphology and GIS (articles, book reviews and tutorials) also it is focused on educational projects made whit the other members of .

Firstname/ LastName Marius Budileanu