Andreea is a well versed Collaborative Project Manager, passionate about innovative, interdisciplinary and cross border projects, where efficient communication and collaboration replace the rigid algorithms of conventional project management systems.

Andreea’s expertise and qualifications were retained and further developed by internet giants such as Google and Yahoo Inc. She managed tactical roll outs of key products and platforms for both companies in the North American region.

As a freelance Collaborative Project Management Professional in Europe, she strives to infuse her Silicon Valley corporate tech expertise into the European Non Profit sector. Thus she evolved from traditional Project Management to collaborative, open innovation Project Management. In this respect she’s had fruitful collaborations with  Open Knowledge Foundation, the Sponge Media Lab,  Knight-Mozilla OpenNews and recently with Media Foundation Sparkasse Leipzig.

Her strongest assets are her broad overview of the corporate vs. NGO workflows, her stakeholder management skills, and the ability to strategize and simplify project road maps and coordinate their successful implementation.

Firstname/ LastName Andreea Bonea
Collaborative Project Management Professional
phone wickr: andreeab