In the last ten years I’ve been in turn and sometimes at the same time, ethnologist, copywriter, journalist, editor, TV reporter, managing editor and communication manager. But I got my BA only in ethnology. I graduated from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Letters, Ethnology and Folklore Department. The other jobs I’ve done without “a driver’s licence”.

In the last five years, I was a slow journalism follower, working on long term projects such as Pride and Concrete (The success story of those gone to work abroad) and Around the Balck Sea (Deep into the stories of everyday life around the Black Sea).

In the past I also wrote stories for Tabu Magazine. I have been an ecologist (Green Report, TVR1), an epicure (BBC Good Food) and a scrounger through people’s homes and lives on a great pretext (BBC Good Homes).

Firstname/ LastName Ioana Calinescu